Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is a required, one-month learning experience designed to prepare the resident to care for patients presenting with a variety of conditions such as diabetes, gastrointestinal-related disorders, respiratory-related disorders, renal insufficiency and neurological disorders.

The pharmacy resident is responsible for evaluating medication appropriateness, monitoring patients for drug therapy outcomes, managing drug therapy protocols, participating in multidisciplinary discharge rounds, and providing drug information to the physicians, nurses, patients, and caregivers. In addition, the resident will prepare educational in-services or other presentations for the pharmacy and/or nursing staff.

Preceptor: Alison Kahler, PharmD

Learning experience: Internal Medicine
Office Phone: (913) 791-3500 x4874

Dr. Kahler is a Clinical Pharmacist and serves as Preceptor for pharmacy residents and students on the Internal Medicine/Surgical floor at Olathe Medical Center. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Kansas.

Dr. Kahler serves is active on the Pain Performance Improvement, Medication Safety, and Diabetes Advisory committees. She has interests in diabetes, pain management, research, and student development.