Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine rotation is an elective, one-month learning experience in the Emergency Care Center (ECC). The rotation is designed to guide and prepare the resident to care for patients presenting with a variety of illnesses in collaboration with physicians, physician assistants, nurses, respiratory therapists, and care managers.

In addition to monitoring and consulting on pharmaceutical issues, the resident will provide education to nursing, pharmacy, and medical staff as well as patients and their families. The preceptor’s goal of rotation is to incorporate the resident into the emergency care team and prepare the learner for independent practice in the emergency care setting, with facilitation guidance from the preceptor.

The resident is expected to proactively interact directly with all members of the interdisciplinary team, patient, and patient’s family/representatives in the pursuit of efficiently facilitating evidence-based care. He/she will also be expected to triage patients based on acuity of illness and expedite the delivery of medications and drug information to the provider/patient. In addition, the resident is responsible for recommending, verifying, and assisting with medication treatment plans in agreement with evidence-based medicine and best practice. When necessary, the resident will assist with titration of medications and monitoring of patient response at bedside in collaboration with nurse/provider. The pharmacy resident is responsible for actively participating in code stroke, code blue, and toxic ingestion response. The resident will provide an in-service education for nursing staff, as assigned by preceptor.