Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
Transitions of Care

ECC/CCU Transitions of Care is an elective, one-month, learning experience. This learning experience is designed to expose the resident to critically ill patients with an emphasis in those patients that transfer from the ECC to the CCU. The resident may elect this learning experience after satisfactory completion of learning experiences in both the CCU and ECC with the approval of the RPD and preceptor(s).

In this advanced learning experience, the resident will be expected to practice more independently. He/she will transition between the ECC and CCU during their shift, covering all critically ill patients, and will act as the principle pharmacist covering the CCU during evenings. The resident is expected to identify, follow, and manage patients’ medication regimens as they present through the ECC and are transferred to the CCU. This includes monitoring for medication appropriateness, initiating pharmacokinetic protocols, and providing education to patients and family. The resident will facilitate communication between members of the ECC and CCU healthcare teams to provide optimal transitions of care for these patients. The resident will practice independently and actively participate on Code Blue and Code Stroke response teams.