A Unique Approach to Primary Care.

Enhanced Care is a premier experience, tailored to meet your individual healthcare needs with a personalized patient-provider medical partnership.

About Enhanced Care

Olathe Health proudly offers patients a variety of healthcare options to meet their needs through neighborhood clinics, urgent cares and hospitals. Enhanced Care is a natural progression of these existing services.


  • A dedicated doctor and registered nurse care team
  • Additional direct communication options, online and in-person, beyond typical business hours
  • Fewer patients, so the providers have more time to devote to each individual person

The clinic also offers some of the same great features as other primary care clinics.

  • Coordination with physician specialists
  • On-site lab (coming soon!)
  • Same-day or next-day appointments

What You Need to Know

  • Convenience and ease of access to the doctor and care team are afforded through
    a smaller number of patients. Extended face-to-face time with your physician,
    personalized focus on your health concerns and detailed planning for any chronic
    conditions are a few additional reasons.

  • Enhanced Care doctors are highly qualified, board-certified specialists in internal medicine. Olathe Health Enhanced Care’s affiliation with the Olathe Health health system provides patient members direct access to the latest medical technology and a full range of medical specialists.

  • Olathe Health has established an affordable annual membership fee for
    individuals 19 years and older who would like to become Enhanced Care members.
    Patient membership fees, which are $850 per year, can be paid through monthly
    installments upon request.

  • The annual membership fee for Enhanced Care members (which can be paid through monthly payments) is necessary to allow for a smaller patient base. Most primary care practices provide care for 2,000 to 3,000 patients. At Olathe Health Enhanced Care, the doctors will provide care for 500 to 600 patients, enabling them to spend more quality time with each patient during office visits and respond to patient phone calls and/or emails within 24 hours/7 days a week – just to name a couple benefits of the enhanced services.

  • Yes. The Enhanced Care program does not take the place of general health insurance
    coverage. Insurance companies will be billed directly, and the standard co-pay
    will apply. The purpose of the program membership fee is to ensure easy access
    to the doctor and practice.

  • No. For medical services such as these, your insurance will continue to be billed
    directly and the standard co-pay will apply.

  • While annual membership refunds are not given, patients have the ability
    to terminate the agreement at any time upon 30 days’ written notice. If you find
    the Enhanced Care program is not for you, we will be happy to assist your search for
    another primary care doctor.

  • Once alerted of your hospitalization, your Enhanced Care doctor will follow your care closely Monday-Friday (unless out of the office those days). Your doctor will rely on an Olathe Health hospital-based physician, who specializes in managing patient care in the hospital, to take charge of your primary management and ensure you get 24-hour coordinated care.

  • If your current doctor has elected to join Olathe Health’s Enhanced Care program
    and you decide not to join, you will need to select a new primary care doctor who matches your healthcare needs and philosophy. With more than 150 primary care providers on staff at dozens of locations, there’s an Olathe Health primary caregiver who is a perfect fit for you. For a comprehensive listing of providers and locations, call 913-782-2224 or visit olathehealth.org/primarycare.

  • Call Cortney Williams, medical office supervisor, at 913-355-4520 or email [email protected] to find out if the Enhanced Care program will meet your healthcare needs and expectations.

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