Stop living with tired, painful, swollen legs.

With the latest, clinically proven and minimally invasive vein treatment, Olathe Health’s Vein Care Center can give you the freedom to do what you love, with comfort and confidence.

Our Vein Care Services

The Vein Care Center offers patients the most progressive and minimally invasive treatments available.

Performed with local anesthesia in our comfortable outpatient center, the procedures are safe and effective, involving less pain and shorter recovery time than other vein treatments. Our specialist, Dr. Kevin Gould, is ready to help you. Contact the Vein Care Center to learn about your treatment options. With the resources and expertise of Olathe Health behind it, the Vein Care Center is the right choice.

About Varicose Veins

Though not always visible, varicose veins typically are enlarged veins raised above the surface of the skin. Most often noticeable when standing, they may appear blue or purple and have a bulging, rope-like appearance. Varicose veins may cause pain, tiredness, tingling, restlessness or heaviness in the legs. Risk factors for varicose veins include age, pregnancy, gender, family history, obesity and standing for long periods of time.

Varicose Vein Treatments

There are surgical and non-surgical treatment options for varicose veins. One surgical option is Radiofrequency ablation, an outpatient procedure that involves inserting a small catheter into the diseased vein. The catheter delivers heat to the vein wall, causing it to seal closed. Once this vein is ablated, blood flow is automatically rerouted through healthier adjacent veins. The procedure is safe and effective, involving less pain and shorter recovery time than other vein treatments. Another procedure option, ambulatory phlebectomy, is an outpatient procedure that is used to remove varicose veins from the legs through a series of small incisions that are so small that they don’t require stitches.

Spider Vein Treatment

Treatment of the spider veins is another service offered at the Vein Care Center. Spider veins look like a web of red or blue veins that often start to spread across your legs. We offer a cosmetic procedure done through a technique called Sclerotherapy. It involves injecting a small amount of medication directly into the spider veins. The medication irritates the vein causing it to go into spasm and seal itself off. Eventually the sealed off vein is gradually absorbed by the body.

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