Dr. Gould and Patient

Are you a candidate for treatment?

The Vein Care Center at Olathe Medical Center offers patients the most progressive and minimally invasive treatment available, radio frequency ablation. Our specialist, Dr. Kevin Gould, is ready to help you. Take our self-assessment below to see if you’re a candidate for vein care treatment.

Vein Care Treatment Self-Assessment

If you answer yes to the following questions, we suggest you call the Vein Care Center at 913-768-3104 to discuss your treatment options. This self-assessment is not a substitute for medical advice and care from your physician.

1. Do you experience tired, heavy-feeling legs?

2. Do you get leg pains from prolonged sitting or standing?

3. Do you develop swollen ankles by the end of the day?

4. Do you have large varicose veins (greater than 1/4 inch)?

5. Do you suffer from tingling, numbness, burning or cramping of the legs or feet?

6. Do you have a family history of vein problems?

7. Do you have skin discoloration on your lower legs?

8. Do you have hard-to-heal ulcers or sores on your lower legs?

9. Are you 40 years of age or older?

10. Are you obese?

11. Are you female?

12. If female, have you had one or more children?