Guys Playing Soccer

Get back in the game.

Our sports medicine patients range from professional athletes to high school and college athletes to those who enjoy active lifestyles. All of our patients want the best possible outcomes and recovery from sports injuries.

Olathe Health is a leader in advanced treatments for patients with sports-related injuries. From surgical sports medicine expertise to innovative therapy and athletic injury rehabilitation, our sports medicine physicians and specialists provide the most comprehensive treatment for athletic injuries.

Sports Medicine Services

  • Shoulder injuries may happen suddenly during sports play or after years of wear and tear. Our specialists are experts in treating all shoulder injuries. Some common shoulder injuries include rotator cuff tear, shoulder separation, shoulder tendonitis, bursitis, collarbone fracture and arthritis. Our sports medicine team has expertise in the latest shoulder treatments, including minimally invasive procedures to get you back in the game.
  • Your wrists, hands and fingers are intricate collections of muscles and joints that you put to use in hundreds of ways, every day. Our hand specialists provide some of the most advanced treatments for conditions of the hands, fingers, wrists and arms. We have physicians who are orthopedic surgeons with fellowship training or board certification in hand and upper extremity orthopedics. In addition, our hand therapy for ongoing recovery is provided by certified occupational therapists.
  • Knee problems are some of the most common among athletes, both professional and weekend warriors. In even the most severe knee injuries, full recovery is possible with the right treatment. Our team of orthopedic surgeons, trainers and therapists offer the most advanced treatments for knee injuries, including ACL reconstruction, cartilage and meniscus repairs, patellar tendonitis and dislocation, and fractures.
  • Athletes commonly experience injury in their legs, feet and ankles. Ruptured Achilles tendons, ankle sprains, foot fractures, and other conditions of the lower leg can quickly sideline any athlete. Our sports medicine experts can quickly diagnose these injuries and provide advanced surgical and nonsurgical treatment to help get the athlete on the road to recovery.
  • Hip fractures and injury don’t just affect older patients, they can happen in young and middle-age athletes too. Many hip conditions may be treated through arthroscopic surgery or other minimally invasive procedures. Our sports medicine specialists are experts in diagnosing, stabilizing and treating hip fractures in athletes, helping them recover and return to the activities they love.

SportsNet Athletic Trainers

Olathe Medical Center certified athletic trainers work in the Olathe, Spring Hill, Wellsville, Paola, Gardner and Osawatomie high schools, and provide on-site injury assessment of sports-related injuries. As part of the SportsNet program, they work with the athletes, physicians, other healthcare workers, parents and coaches to safely return athletes to sports.

SportsNet Athletic Trainers:

Ron Cooper, ATC – Olathe East High School
Dennis Dolan, ATC – Olathe South High School
Jarrod Gable, ATC – Gardner- Edgerton High School
Wayne Harman, ATC – Olathe North High School
Steve Hawkins, ATC – Olathe Northwest High School
John Pomatto, ATC – Paola High School, Osawatomie High School, Spring Hill High School