Building Healthier Communities

Olathe Health believes that everyone has the right to access the highest quality care. That’s why we dedicate our time and money to improving the health of our community.

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How Olathe Health’s Contributions Help the Community

Our Commitment

To Provide Quality Care to all the Communities We Serve

Our commitment to providing access to care across a four-county region goes well beyond the work we do within our clinics, hospitals and other facilities. Each year, Olathe Health staff members invest hundreds of hours outside of the system through community outreach efforts.  In addition, Olathe Health invests significantly in our community by providing health education for many professionals. Of course, we are proud of the charitable and uncompensated care we provide to the less fortunate.

We also dedicate a significant part of our operating budget toward cash and resources to support other non-profit organizations that work to make the region a healthier place to live. Examples of these programs include our financial and staffing support of the Health Partnership Clinic, and the financial and volunteer leadership provided to TLC for Children and Families.

As a non-profit organization, we believe that everyone has the right to have access to the highest quality of care, regardless of his or her ability to pay. Because of this, Olathe Health provides more than $12 million in charity and uncompensated care each year.

The demands of charity and uncompensated care have risen steadily over the past several years.  Despite this challenge we will continue to work internally and with community organizations to have the greatest impact on the people we serve.  We are convinced that improving appropriate access to care is critical.  We also know that investing in new technology, recruiting top talent and anticipating the medical needs of the future are also crucial to long-term community health.

You may have a family member or friend who works here (we are the largest, not-for-profit, private employer in Johnson and Miami counties). Possibly, you visited one of the clinics of Olathe Health Physicians for a routine check up or serious heart condition.  Maybe you visited Miami County Medical Center for knee replacement surgery, or your children were born at Olathe Medical Center. And because of our commitment to advanced technology and high quality care, perhaps a loved one’s life has been saved here.

We are Olathe Health. We are a part of the community and you can continue to count on us to provide the highest quality care in the region.

Community Benefit Reporting

Grandpa and grandson huggingEvery year, Olathe Health provides a summary of the programs and activities that promote health, healing and wellness in the community.
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Types of Community Support We Provide

  • Care for the underprivileged

    Charity and uncompensated care is defined as the unpaid cost of medical services provided to uninsured and under insured. Olathe Health provides more than $12 million in charity and uncompensated care each year.

  • Reaching beyond our clinics and hospitals

    The heart of high-tech care beats strongly outside our own physical facilities and into the everyday lives of the communities we serve. We offer a diversified menu of preventative health maintenance, disease management and lifestyle changes though classes, workshops, seminars and special events supervised and hosted by Olathe Health personnel.

    Whenever we help someone stop smoking, cope with a parent’s Alzheimer’s or their own diabetes, or learn about a hopeful new surgical procedure, we’re opening a natural portal into the services of our entire health system. But more importantly, we’re offering each individual an opportunity for a potentially healthier life. Olathe Health’s involvement in community outreach has never been more active.  Most of the programs are focused on wellness services for the general public, clubs, organizations, and employers.  The examples are many, but include flu shot clinics, free screenings at health fairs, diabetes education, and cancer support groups.

  • Support and training for our future providers of care

    Olathe Health is dedicated to training our future healthcare professionals and leaders. As part of this mission, we sponsor nursing and allied health training programs in areas such as pharmacy and radiology.  Our involvement provides real-world experience that is intended to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for their chosen medical careers.

    Other examples of health professionals education support provided by Olathe Health takes the form of scholarships and mentorships for high school students interested in a health career.  The system has provided more than $150,000 in scholarships to area high school students over the past 20 years.  And, through a partnership with the Olathe School District, the Bridging Education and Medicine (BEAM) program has provided hundreds of students with access to mentors, shadowing opportunities, and hands-on learning.

  • Working together toward healthful lives

    A significant portion of the Olathe Health operating budget is dedicated toward financial support of other non-profit programs and organizations that work to make the region a healthier place to live. Examples of these programs include our financial and staffing support of the Health Partnership Clinic, and nearly $40,000 in donated funds and volunteer leadership time provided to TLC for Children and Families.