A positive childbirth experience begins with choosing the right doctor.

At The Birth Place, we have highly trained, board-certified OBGYNs and family medicine doctors who are ready to care for you before, during and after pregnancy.

Doctors Who Deliver Babies

A positive childbirth experience at The Birth Place begins with finding the right doctor for you. Choosing a doctor who will care for you during pregnancy and deliver your baby is a very personal decision. We have many board-certified, caring obstetrician-gynecologists (OBGYNs) and family medicine physicians who deliver.

There are different types of doctors who are medically trained to care for you before, during and after pregnancy and are highly skilled to deliver your baby. All of our doctors who deliver babies are board certified.


OBGYNs can provide specialized care that may not be available from non-obstetric specialists. Our OBGYNs are trained to deal with an entire range of pregnancies, from uncomplicated, low-risk deliveries to many kinds of high-risk deliveries.

Family Medicine Doctors

Family medicine doctors who deliver babies are primary care providers who have undergone additional training in obstetrics. They can provide obstetrical care and deliver for women who have a low-risk pregnancy. Some women prefer to have their family medicine doctor deliver their baby because of the continuity of care.

Olathe Medical Center

The Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center

The Birth Place is a four-story obstetrics wing with a Level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in affiliation with Children’s Mercy features secure, webcam-enabled nurseries; an advanced NICU where you can stay overnight with your baby in the same room; and luxury family suites and queen beds big enough to share.

Few experiences compare to the joy of bringing a new baby into the world.

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Finding a Pediatrician for Your New Bundle of Joy

We recommend choosing a pediatrician for your baby when you are 30 weeks pregnant. Once you deliver, your baby will receive a complete pediatric exam, and the nurse or doctor will measure the baby’s length and head circumference. Your baby’s pediatrician will perform a newborn screening test to check for rare, but serious conditions in babies just after birth, which include a variety of blood tests and a hearing test. If you choose, your son can be circumcised by his pediatrician while you’re in the hospital.

Find a Pediatrician