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Our mission-driven commitment to help people through healing, health and happiness allows us to consistently work to improve the overall health of our community.

Our mission-driven commitment to help people through healing, health and happiness allows us to consistently work to improve the overall health of our community. Based on the research gathered in our latest CHNA, we have designated behavioral health, physical health and access to care as our three target areas to improve. Below you will find information and resources on the various health need priorities we established within these three areas so you and your neighbors can work towards a happier, healthier life. If you have any additional comments or questions, please contact [email protected].


Mental Health

  1. Education/Awareness
    1. Warning signs (Overall and broken down based on different age groups)
      1. Child
        1. Performance in school- lowering grades, attention span issues, change in behavior
        2. Major issues in sleep or eating habits
        3. Hyperactivity
        4. Sleep issues/nightmares
        5. Temper
      2. Teens
        1. Common complaints of physical pain/injury
        2. Acting out
        3. Substance abuse
        4. Coping issues
        5. Intense fear, often in social situations
        6. Long periods of poor mood
  • Adults
    1. Social withdrawal
    2. Feelings of extreme highs and lows
    3. Confusion
  1. Diagnosis and Treatment
  2. More information about Olathe Health’s Psychiatric Services
    1. Providers and Location
    2. Schedule an Appointment
  3. How to talk to your child about mental health
    2. Establish trust and encourage them to talk to you
      1. Be open with them. Share your feelings and show them it is safe for them to share their own. Create a safe space.
    3. “Early identification and intervention are key to addressing symptoms, promoting a child’s development, and helping a child to live a healthier and happier life”
    4. If you notice warning signs, it is okay to have a direct conversation.
    5. 1 in 5 children have a diagnosable mental health illness. Only about half get help.
    6. Conversation starters –
    7. Stay connected to your Pediatrician – list of or link to Olathe Health’s pediatricians
  4. Depression and Anxiety
    2. What is depression? (a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest) What is anxiety? Can I have both? (Yes)
    3. What brings on depression/anxiety?
      1. It is not known exactly. It could be due to biological differences, brain chemistry, hormones and inherited traits.
    4. What do I do now?
      1. See a doctor, talk to someone
    5. Symptoms/warning signs
      1. Persistent worrying, overthinking plans, fatigue, trouble sleeping, muscle tension, trembling, sweating, irritability
    6. Additional Links/Resources on Mental Health
      1. Counseling services in the area
      2. Any partners?


Opioid/Drug Abuse and Vaping

  1. The Basics: Education/Awareness
    1. Addiction
    2. Health Risks
    3. Side Effects
    4. Overdose
    5. In KS, about 45% of the 345 drug overdose deaths involved opioids in 2018- a total of 156 fatalities (
    6. Almost 70% of the more than 67,000 drug overdose deaths in 2018 involved an opioid (
  2. Talking to your kids
    1. Watch and listen for cues
      1. New friend group
      2. Isolation from family
  • Worsening academic performance
  1. Depression
  1. Vaping
    3. Popular with younger adults (high school and college)
    4. Health Risks
      1. Affects brain development
      2. Lung damage
  • Addiction
  1. Behavior Risks
  1. Meth and Marijuana
      1. Marijuana is most commonly used illegal substance
      2. Risks
        1. Brain health
        2. Mental health
        3. Athletic performance
        4. Driving
        1. Short term effects of meth
        2. Long term Health Risks of meth
      4. Additional Links/Resources
        1. What resources are available at Olathe Health? Smoking cessation
        2. Communities that Care
        3. Medication Assisted Treatment at Health Partnership Clinic


Suicide Prevention

  1. Suicide Prevention Resources in Kansas
    1. Johnson county and Miami county specific?
    2. National suicide prevention line 1-800-273-8255
    3. Kansas suicide prevention resources center 785-841-9900
    4. Kansas youth suicide prevention 785-368-8465
    5. Crisis Text Line: Text LISTEN to 74174
  2. How to talk to a loved one
    1. Encourage them to seek help
    2. Be supportive
    3. Prepare for a potential crisis
    4. Educate yourself – could be a link to another post (mental health awareness)
  3. Additional Links/Resources


Health Wellness and Prevention

  1. Healthy Habits suggested by a provider
    1. Nutrition
      1. Healthy meals
      2. Drinking water
  • Limiting sugar
  1. Being active
    1. How often should you be moving?
  2. Limiting screen time
    1. Replace with reading, mind games, going outside
  3. Sleep
    1. Suggested amount based on age
  4. Healthy Kids
    1. What do parents need to know to promote a healthy lifestyle in their children?
    2. 12345 fit-tastic program
      1. 1 or more hours of physical activity
      2. 2 hours maximum screen time
  • 3 servings of low or nonfat milk or yogurt
  1. 4 servings of water, not sugary drinks
  2. 5 servings or more of fruits and vegetables
  1. Promote physical activity with community resources
    1. Garmin Marathon, Olathe Parks, YMCA, camps, fitness centers
    2. Other suggestions such as going for a walk or doing a few exercises (provide an example of the exercises?)



  1. Educational Piece
    1. Weight management
    2. Strategies
    3. What is a healthy weight for different ages?
  2. What do older people need to know about obesity?
    1. How can they better manage their weight?
    2. What if it is hard for them to get around?
  3. Childhood obesity
    1. Packing a healthy lunch for your child
    2. Setting a good example
    3. Getting your child involved
  4. More info on services offered at Olathe Health
  5. Links to resources


Chronic Care Management

  1. Diabetes management
    1. Education
      1. What is diabetes? Now what?
    2. Could include link to this blog post
  2. Better managing chronic diseases?
    1. How can Olathe Health help?
    2. Wound Care – delaying care can lead to wound issues


Healthcare Transportation

  1. List of Resources


Affordable Access to Insurance

  1. List of Resources
      1. How can Olathe Health help?


Homeless Shelters

  1. Olathe School District, Center of Grace, City of Olathe, Johnson County Government, Health Partnership Clinic
    1. Link to resources


Food Insecurity

  1. Education/Awareness
    1. How can people help/get involved?
  2. Links to Resources/Food Pantries in the area
  3. Could do a blog post like this:


Senior Care

  1. List of affordable housing options
    1. Miami county focus
    2. OMC


Please note: Our Community Resources page is a working document that is updated as needed throughout the year.