Voted One of the Favorite Places to Have a Baby!

The Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center was recently recognized as one of the Family Favorite Places to Have a Baby in Kansas by KC Parent Magazine.

Childbirth & Parenting Classes

Olathe Medical Center offers a number of classes to help prepare families for their new arrival. Click here to learn more.

The Birth Place

The Birth Place

What a wonderful place to have your baby!

The Birth Place was created to serve our philosophy (and probably yours, too) that childbirth should be the experience of a lifetime. So we combined Olathe Medical Center’s signature medical technology with a lot of special amenities and little touches to make the birthing experience a positive one for you, your new baby, and for the entire family. 

The Birth Place redefines the childbirth environment. 

Each room feels far more like a resort spa than a hospital. Relax in the whirlpool tub. Stretch out in a queen-size bed (for your partner to share, if you wish). Admire your newborn sleeping nearby in the in-room crib. Enjoy the attention of nurses who pamper the entire family. Pop your favorite CD in our entertainment center.

Of course, an emphasis on exceptional medical caring. 

From the time you’re admitted, throughout the birthing experience, and until you take your new baby home, you’ll experience the caring and professionalism at Olathe Medical Center. Although your room is comfortably homelike, all necessary medical equipment is right there too, accessible in an instant. 

It all begins with the right doctors. 

The positive childbirth experience at The Birth Place begins with your choice of doctor. Let us help you take that first step. To locate a physician who delivers babies at The Birth Place, please use the Find a Specialist tool in the upper left corner of this screen and choose "Doctors Who Deliver Babies."

In addition to our highly-trained physicians and staff at The Birth Place, we have six neonatal nurse practitioners, around-the-clock, with specialized training of care for newborns who are at risk or experiencing difficulties after delivery. They help provide an extra layer of security and comfort for staff and patients on-site. While most deliveries result in a healthy, thriving baby, it is reassuring to parents and staff to know that if an emergency should arise, there are specialists available in the nursery 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Learn about breastfeeding resources.

The Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center provides a number of resources for breastfeeding moms. From prenatal breastfeeding education classes to breastfeeding support groups, we are committed to assisting moms with this very special experience. Also available at The Birth Place are certified lactation consultants. Our consultants visit with breastfeeding moms before they leave the hospital.

There are a number of products available to assist with breastfeeding, including Medela TheraShells, which can help with flat or inverted nipples, information about storing breastmilk and more. The Pharmacy Express, located in The Doctor’s Building I, also offers a wide variety of Medela products, including breast pumps for rental and purchase. Moms can also have the prescriptions they are discharged with filled on their way home.

Schedule a pre-admission/tour appointment.

Coming to the hospital, even for a happy occasion, can be stressful, especially if labor is in progress. We want to help minimize your stress upon arrival. Schedule a pre-admission/tour visit between 28 and 33 weeks of pregnancy. We’ll provide information so you’ll know what to expect, get some necessary paperwork out of the way, answer your questions and give you a tour of The Birth Place. You can also go home with resource information about any personal concerns you may have. The appointment will take approximately one hour.

Schedule your pre-admission/tour appointment today by calling 913-791-4395. You can also bring paperwork you may have completed for your hospital stay, such as your pre-admission form. If you have already discussed your birth plans with your care provider, please bring the Birth Options form with you.

Just looking for a tour of The Birth Place?

We’d be delighted to schedule a tour of The Birth Place for you and your family. If you're only interested in scheduling a tour, please call 913-791-3500, ext. 4128.

Web Nursery

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, distant relatives and friends are no longer far away when it comes to seeing the newest member of the family. Olathe Medical Center and Bella Baby Photography, an in-hospital photography service for newborns, provide new parents an easy way to share their child's first photograph with loved ones.

To find a picture of a child born in The Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center, visit our Web Nursery.

For privacy, Bella Baby requires that you use a password to see a child's photo. Please ask the child's parent(s) for the password.

Please Note: We recently switched photography companies, so if you are looking for the photo of a child born before Nov. 17, 2012, please click on the link below to view the photo.

Babies born before Nov. 17, 2012

The Newborn Channel

The Newborn Channel is now available online. Please follow the link and use password 02052.