Olathe Health Integration Begins

The University of Kansas Health System is taking steps toward delivering on the single, cohesive health system it promised after announcing a collaboration with Olathe Health in January 2023. As the 2 organizations integrate, we are applying the nation’s best healthcare practices and highest expectations to Olathe Health’s existing standard for excellence.

Beginning mid-May, some Olathe Medical Center practices will transition their systems, processes and branding to become official locations of The University of Kansas Health System. These physician offices include:

  • Olathe Health Cancer Center will become The University of Kansas Cancer Center in Olathe, 15123 S. OMC Pkwy., Olathe, KS 66061.
  • Olathe Health GI Specialists will become Gastroenterology at Doctors Building 1, 20375 W. 151st St., Suite 350, Olathe, KS 66061.
  • Olathe Health Internal Medicine will become Internal Medicine and Endocrinology at Doctors Building 2, 20805 W. 151st St., Suite 224, Olathe, KS 66061.
  • Olathe Health Comprehensive Neurology will become Neurology at Doctors Building 1, 20375 W. 151st St., Suite 203, Olathe, KS 66061.
  • Olathe Health Consultants in Pulmonary Medicine will become Pulmonology at Doctors Building 1, 20375 W. 151st St., Suite 251, Olathe, KS 66061.

A new infusion therapy site for noncancer-related conditions and rheumatology practice will open in late June at Doctors Building 1, 20375 W. 151st St., Suite 208, Olathe, KS 66061.

“We are very excited to see these concrete advancements take place as we work to realize the vision we outlined with our collaboration announcement last year,” said Jason Hannagan, CEO, Southwest Market, for the health system. “We are eager to see the benefits of operationally combining our organizations as we build upon our Olathe area’s established tradition of excellence with additional quality care, clinical resources and system integration all in the name of offering the patients of our Olathe community the very best.”

This integration will enable key changes to benefit patient experience, patient care and health system operations. These include:

  • Clinical integration makes close collaboration possible as Olathe Health providers are now part of The University of Kansas Physicians, the largest multispecialty practice in Kansas and a key component of our academic medical center. The relationship ensures patients and care teams have access to the latest evidence-based medicine that improves care and outcomes and optimizes quality and safety.
  • The gold standard in cancer care in Olathe, as The University of Kansas Cancer Center is 1 of fewer than 60 cancer centers nationwide to receive National Cancer Institute (NCI) comprehensive cancer center designation. Comprehensive designation is the highest level of recognition awarded by the NCI. Comprehensive cancer centers like ours are leaders in cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. This designation means that people in our region have greater access to innovative treatments, leading to higher survival rates.
  • Standardization on a single, comprehensive electronic medical record including its patient portal for efficiency and convenience in managing healthcare.
  • Centralized operational functions including:
    • Health resource center, a hub to connect patients with outpatient offices and administrative health system services at 913-588-1227.
    • Customer service and billing support at 913-588-5820.
    • MyChart patient portal support at 913-588-4040.

We are committed to delivering a smooth transition experience for Olathe Health patients. We invite patients to visit our Frequently Asked Questions for guidance.

Integration of additional Olathe Health specialty offices and departments will continue through at least May 2025.