Therapy to help decrease dizziness, improve stability and increase general activity levels

Our certified Vestibular Physical Therapists evaluate and treat patients with vertigo, balance and movement-related dizziness.

Our Vestibular, Balance and Fall Rehabilitation Services

Our therapists evaluate and treat patients with vertigo, balance, concussion and movement-related dizziness. Vestibular rehabilitation patients are provided with appropriate habituation exercises, balance retraining and positional maneuvers to allow them to manage and control their symptoms.

These therapies are available to patients in Olathe and Paola. The Vestibular, Balance and Fall Rehabilitation Program is provided by Physical Therapists at Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Olathe Medical Center and Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Santa Fe Commons. The Miami County Medical Center Vestibular and Concussion Program is provided by Physical Therapists at Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Osawatomie.

About Vestibular Rehabilitation

    • Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise approach to managing symptoms of inner ear disorders.

      • Decrease dizziness
      • Improve stability with ambulation
      • Increase general activity levels
    • People with the following functional problems may benefit from a referral to a rehabilitation program:

      • Persistent position or movement-related dizziness
      • Disequilibrium or imbalance
      • Increased sensitivity to visual motion stimuli, difficulty focusing
      • Secondary complaints such as fatigue, headaches and muscle tension because of dizziness
      • Symptoms resulting from concussion
    • A Vestibular Therapist will perform a clinical assessment, which focuses on three major areas:

      • Evaluation of the neuromusculosketal system including general range- of-motion, strength, sensation and coordination testing
      • Balance and gait assessment
      • Vertigo assessment

      Balance and gait assessment includes testing that allows comparison of a person’s level of balance function to his or her age group. Static and dynamic balance skills are assessed during gait.

      Vertigo assessment begins with a dizziness questionnaire to determine the frequency and severity of symptoms. Specific position testing helps to determine the cause of vertigo so it can be treated effectively.

      After the assessment the therapist establishes an individualized functional program. Specific maneuvers and exercises are used to treat the dizziness.

    • The Vestibular Rehabilitation program consists of exercises in these areas:

      • Canalith repositioning maneuvers for the treatment of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
      • Habituation exercises for management of dizziness
      • Balance retraining exercises designed to improve coordination of muscle responses as well as using sensory information for balance control
      • Fitness exercises to increase general activity levels

      In addition to their home program, patients are seen in Rehabilitation Services one to two times per week for an average of two to five weeks. During outpatient therapy, progress is monitored and home exercises are modified as needed to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

How to Get Started

For more information about our Vestibular Rehabilitation Programs, contact either of these locations:

Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Gardner

Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Osawatomie

Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Santa Fe Commons

Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Southpark

Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – YMCA

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