Sleep is essential. Are you getting enough?

Sleep disorders don’t just affect your quality of life, they put your health and safety at risk.

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Sleep Disorders Treatment at Olathe Health

Our board-certified sleep specialists can identify your sleep disorder and show you how to treat it. The Sleep Disorders Center at Olathe Medical Center is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

The AASM now recognizes more than 80 disorders of sleeping and waking that can harm a person’s health and quality of life and endanger public safety by contributing to traffic and industrial accidents. These disorders include problems such as falling asleep or staying awake, nightmares and many others. Some disorders may even be potentially fatal.

Do you have two or more of the symptoms below? If so, you might be a candidate for a Sleep Study.

  • Loud snoring that bothers others
  • Gasping, choking sounds during sleep
  • Restless sleep
  • Legs jerking or flailing during sleep
  • Frequent awakenings for unknown reasons
  • More than 20 pounds over your ideal weight
  • Frequent morning headaches
  • Daytime sleepiness, including unintentionally falling asleep
  • Sleepiness while driving or as a passenger in a car

If you or someone you care about experiences symptoms that affect the ability to drive, hold a job, stay alert in school, perform normal daily activities or if the symptoms interfere with social activities and personal relationships, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider. Many patients are referred to our Sleep Disorders Center for an in-lab or in-home sleep study.

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For more information about sleep disorders, contact the Olathe Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center at 913-791-4282.

For a referral to the Sleep Disorder Center, please contact your primary care doctor, or make an appointment with Consultants in Pulmonary Medicine at 913-829-0446.


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Sleep Studies at Olathe Medical Center

If you are having trouble sleeping, you might need a referral for a sleep study to diagnose your sleep disorder.

Adults need seven or more hours of sleep per night for the best health and wellbeing.

Learn about our Sleep Studies

Having Trouble Using Your CPAP?

  • A PAP Nap, or Abbreviated Cardio-Respiratory Sleep Study, is a daytime sleep study for patients who are hesitant to try CPAP therapy for their sleep apnea or who are currently having difficulty tolerating their home CPAP treatment due to pressure, mask discomfort, claustrophobia or anxiety.
  • Patients receive one-on-one coaching and re-education on CPAP use during the PAP Nap. They work with a sleep technician to try on several masks, insure a proper fit and make a personal selection. Once the mask is selected, the patient takes a short nap or rest while positive pressure is introduced. Sleeping isn’t required, and patients are given a two-hour period to relax and acclimate to the therapy. A sleep technician teaches the patient relaxation techniques, such as mental imagery, breathing control exercises and other techniques to distract the patient from anxious or uncomfortable feelings with the mask or pressure.
  • Patients who are hesitant to try CPAP therapy for their sleep apnea or are currently having difficulty tolerating their home CPAP treatment, and patients who are hesitant to schedule an in-lab sleep study.
  • Call the Olathe Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center at 913-791-4282.