Improve Your Running Mechanics and Decrease Your Chance of Injury

The Running SMART® program, offered through Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services, is designed to meet the needs of runners of all ages and performance levels.

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Our Running SMART® Program

Our Physical Therapists work with runners to develop a personalized plan to improve running mechanics and decrease overall risk of injury.

Slow-frame videography and computer software technology are used to capture all the movements of your run. The therapist analyzes your form from head to toe and provides you with immediate visual feedback. As part of your evaluation, you will receive an in-depth assessment of your strength, flexibility and running efficiency. The therapist will teach you how even small changes to running mechanics can keep you running longer and safer

About Our Program

    • In short, anyone who runs! From beginners and weekend warriors to professional athletes, all are candidates for this program.

      Novice runners are more likely to be injured and then quit running following that injury. This program can help them learn to run correctly and avoid injury. For seasoned athletes, one of the biggest predictors of future injury is past injury. So runners who have previously been sidelined with an injury could benefit from a movement analysis to determine the root cause of the injury. Finally, runners who are increasing their mileage or intensity are at an increase risk for overuse injury if they are adopting anything but the most efficient movement strategy.

    • The following current or previous injuries warrant a further look at your stride:

      • IT band syndrome
      • Runner’s knee
      • Plantar Fasciitis
      • Shin splints
      • Achilles tendonitis
      • Hamstring pull
      • Stress fracture
      • Back or neck pain following running
    • Your Physical Therapist will use the following methods to help improve your running:

      • Strength exercises
      • Flexibility exercises
      • Running from coaching
      • Cadence manipulation
      • Shoe wear advice
      • Joint or soft tissue mobilization
      • Advice on training to prevent injury
    • A referral is not needed for evaluation or treatment for this program. Evaluations are scheduled for one hour at $150, and all follow-up treatments are $110 for 45 minutes.

How to Schedule

For additional information or to schedule your evaluation with one of our specially-trained Physical Therapists, please call us at 913-324-8685.

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