Athletic Trainer and Patient

Certified Athletic Trainers

Olathe Health certified athletic trainers work in the Olathe, Spring Hill, Paola, Gardner-Edgerton, Osawatomie and Prairie View High Schools, and provide on-site injury assessment of sports-related injuries. As part of the Olathe Health Sports Medicine program, our athletic trainers work with athletes, healthcare providers, parents and coaches to safely return student-athletes to their sports.

Olathe Health Sports Medicine Certified Athletic Trainers:

Erin Washington, ATC – Olathe Health Sports Medicine Supervisor

Wayne Harmon, ATC – Olathe North High School
Steven Hawkins, ATC – Olathe NW High School
Michelle Sugimura, ATC – Olathe West High School
Cooper Sax, ATC – Olathe South High School
Erin Washington, ATC – Olathe East High School

Jamie Blackim, ATC – Spring Hill High School
John Pomatto, ATC – Osawatomie and Paola High Schools
Open Position – Gardner-Edgerton High School
Donnie Jamison, ATC – Prairie View High School