Certified Therapists who Treat Hand and Upper Extremity Dysfunction

Our Certified Hand Therapists specialize in the rehabilitation of problems affecting the hands and upper extremities, helping to expedite the return to a productive lifestyle.

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Our Hand Therapy Program

Our Occupational Therapists at Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Southpark Medical Plaza who are certified hand therapists provide evaluation and treatment to patients with hand and upper extremity dysfunction.

To become a certified hand therapist, a therapist must have a minimum of five years of clinical experience with at least 4,000 hours in hand therapy. In addition, they must pass a comprehensive examination of advanced clinical skills in the upper extremity.

Diagnoses treated by our Certified Hand Therapists:

  • Traumatic injuries, such as fractures and crush injuries
  • Burns
  • Tendon and nerve lacerations
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological and congenital hand conditions

How to schedule

For more information about our Hand Therapy program, call Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Southpark Medical Plaza at 913-324-8638.

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