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Get on Course and Improve Your Golfing Mechanics and Your Game!

The Golfing SMART® program offered through Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services at Gardner is designed to meet the needs of golfers of all ages and performance levels.

Call 913-324-8680 to schedule an evaluation.

Our Golfing SMART® Program

Our Physical Therapists are certified through the Titleist Performance Institute and work with golfers to develop a personalized plan to improve golfing mechanics and decrease overall risk of injury.

We use slow-frame videography and computer software technology to capture your entire golf swing. Our Physical Therapist will analyze your form, mobility, stability and coordination required to create an effective golf swing. As part of your evaluation, you will receive immediate visual feedback along with an in-depth assessment of your strength, flexibility and the efficiency of your swing. Our therapist will show you how to adjust your swing and positioning to prevent injury and keep you in the game longer.

Who should get a golfing evaluation?

In short, anyone who golfs! All levels of golfers, from beginners to those who golf daily, will benefit from an evaluation.

What current or previous injuries warrant a further look into your golf swing?

The overall force created during a swing can cause
many golfing injuries due to swing mechanics, extension and rotation of
the back. If you have any of the following injuries, you may benefit from the Golfing SMART® program.

  • Lower back
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Knee

What will my Physical Therapist do to help me prevent injury and improve my golfing mechanics?

Your Physical Therapist will analyze your form, mobility, stability and coordination required to create an effective golf swing. Then, your therapist will provide you the following tools:

  • Warm-up instructions
  • Strength exercises
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Increased awareness of motor control

Cost and referral information

A physician referral is not required for the Golfing SMART® evaluation and treatment program. Evaluations are scheduled for one hour at $150 out-of-pocket, and all follow-up treatments are 45 minutes at $110 out of pocket. For additional information, or to schedule your evaluation with one of our specially trained physical therapists, please call us at 913-324-8680.

How to schedule

For additional information about our Golfing SMART® program, or to schedule an evaluation with one of our specially-trained physical therapists, please call 913-324-8680.

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