Woman holding hearts over eyes

It’s time for a heart to heart.

February is a great time to start making small changes to protect your heart health.

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Let’s Talk About Heart Health

Prevention is key when it comes to fighting heart disease. That’s why we offer a number of programs and resources to make it easy for patients to learn how to make heart-healthy decisions today and monitor their heart health regularly. Here are just a few quick tips!

  • Add exercise to your daily routine.
  • Increase healthy eating.
  • Take steps to quit smoking.
    • Enroll in Olathe Health’s Smoking Cessation program. For details about class dates, please call Jeni Wakefield, nurse navigator, at 913-791-3500 ext. 4096. The class at OMC is an eight-week course in partnership with the Masonic Cancer Alliance and uses materials from the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center. This course respects your right to make your own decisions and is interactive and patient-centered. You will learn about addiction, strategies to help quit and stay quit, medications that may be helpful and relapse prevention.
  • Be aware of signs and symptoms.
  • Schedule regular checkups and talk with a doctor, as needed.
  • Schedule a heart health screening to see what risk factors you may have.
    • HeartScore64 Calcium Score Screening $64 – Your calcium score is a measure of the calcium buildup in your heart, as well as your risk for heart disease. The lower your score, the lower your risk. HeartScore64 is a painless, non-invasive way to determine your calcium score in just minutes. Consider HeartScore64, which costs $64, as an investment in your own long and healthy life. HeartScore64 imaging can be a reassuring step for anyone with risk factors for cardiac disease, such as a family history of early onset heart disease, high cholesterol, personal smoking history, excess weight, or existing conditions, like high blood pressure or diabetes. A physician’s order is required for a HeartScore64 screening. Talk to your primary care doctor or cardiologist today. Call 913-355-4395 to schedule a screening at Olathe Health Pavilion. Call 913-294-6611 to schedule a screening at Miami County Medical Center.