Heart-Healthy Choices

Prevention is key when it comes to fighting heart disease. That’s why Olathe Health offers a number of programs and resources to make it easy for patients to learn how to make heart-healthy decisions today and monitor their heart health regularly.

For most people, seeing a primary care physician regularly is the first step towards maintaining one’s heart health. The primary care physician performs regular check-ups, orders age-appropriate tests and screenings and discusses ways you can maintain a heart-healthy weight, diet and lifestyle. Thanks to Olathe Health Physicians’ 35 freestanding clinics and more than 100 providers, finding quality primary healthcare is easy and convenient. Many of these clinics offer same-day appointments scheduled by phone or in person.

Olathe Health also offers the following:

  • HeartScore64 Calcium Score Screenings: Your calcium score is a measure of the calcium buildup in your heart, as well as your risk of heart disease. HeartScore64™ is a painless, non-invasive test at Olathe Medical Center that determines your calcium score within minutes. A physician order is required.
    Learn more about the screening.

Heart Health Resources