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Surgical weight loss, or bariatric surgery, offers hope for people who have been unable to achieve long-term weight loss through diet and exercise.

For many patients, bariatric surgery leads to improved health, a longer lifespan and a better quality of life.

Our Bariatric Services

At Olathe Health, highly-trained surgeon, Harlan L. Opie, MD, and his team offer expert, compassionate care and a variety of surgical options, including minimally invasive procedures that result in less postoperative pain, shorter hospital stays and fewer infections.

Bariatric surgery is a serious decision that requires careful consideration and a commitment by you to make permanent lifestyle changes. Attend our free seminar to learn more and meet our team.

Our Bariatric Services
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In this webinar, Harlan L. Opie, MD, bariatric surgeon at Olathe Medical Center, will discuss the qualifications for surgery, treatment options and nutritional guidelines after surgery.