Using water exercises to ease the recovery process

Our specially-trained Physical Therapists use a combination of therapies and techniques unique to Aquatic Therapy to help patients of all ages improve or maintain their body mechanics, muscle strength and many other functions.

Our Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy includes—but is not limited to—treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, health, wellness and fitness of patient populations in an aquatic environment with or without the use of assistive, adaptive, orthotic, protective, or supportive devices and equipment.

Our specially-trained Physical Therapists from Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Paola use the pool at Miami County Medical Center to provide special interventions for patients across the age span with musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary diseases, disorders, or conditions. The interventions include therapeutic exercise, functional training, manual therapy, breathing strategies, eletrotherapeutic modalities, and other techniques.

Aquatic Physical Therapy interventions are designed to improve or maintain:

  • Function
  • Aerobic capacity/endurance conditioning
  • Balance, coordination and agility
  • Body mechanics and postural stabilization
  • Flexibility
  • Gait and locomotion
  • Relaxation
  • Muscle strength, power, and endurance
 To learn more about Aquatic Physical Therapy, contact Olathe Health Rehabilitation Services – Paola at 913-294-6679.