When it’s your surgery or pain relief, it’s important that you feel comfortable and safe.

At Olathe Health, anesthesiologists will be at your side throughout your procedure, providing compassionate care.

Anesthesia services include:

  • General anesthesia: When it is important for you to be unconscious during a procedure, general anesthesia is used to sedate you for the duration of the procedure so you feel no pain and remain in a relaxed position. An anesthesiologist will wake you gradually when it is safe to do so and stay with you throughout the time you are sedated to monitor you closely.
  • Regional anesthesia: Sometimes you need a specific region of your body to be numb during a procedure. For example, spinal anesthesia, often called a spinal epidural, is used to numb patients from the waist down during childbirth.
  • Critical care anesthesia: If you have a life-threatening condition, critical care anesthesia may be used to keep you sedated and pain-free as your body recovers from surgery or trauma.
  • Chronic pain management: Some conditions or injuries can leave you with pain that will not go away. This pain may be treated with medications, or anesthesia may be used to block a nerve that is sending the pain signal to your brain. A combination of treatments may also be used.

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