Olathe Health Is First in Region to Use New 3-in-1 Intelligent Imaging System for Spine Surgery

Olathe Medical Center is the only facility in the region with a new 3-in-1 robotic imaging platform for minimally invasive spine surgery. The imaging system, used by Shyam M. Shridharani, MD, FAAOS, and the Olathe Health Integrity Spine Surgery team, is designed to enhance safety and accuracy during surgery.

“This technology puts Olathe Health at the forefront of precision spine surgery,” Dr. Shridharani said. “It’s like upgrading from a paper map while driving a car to a GPS with millimeter precision. I am grateful Olathe Health can provide patients with the most advanced spine surgery technology in the region.”

Seamlessly pairing with the existing robotic navigation system, the new technology uses real-time imaging during surgery to help surgeons determine the exact size and placement of hardware – all while exposing patients and staff to less radiation than traditional methods. By allowing a rigid robotic arm to work in an area smaller than the tip of a pencil with great precision through enhanced imaging, patients can receive highly individualized surgical care that results in smaller scars, less blood loss and fewer tissues damaged.

In addition to streamlining surgical workflow, the system can help manage risk during surgery, benefiting patients from all over the region. It will also be especially useful in upper-thoracic cases, according to Dr. Shridharani.

To learn more about Olathe Health Integrity Spine Surgery, visit olathehealth.org/SpineSurgery.

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