Olathe Health Pavilion

LEED certified: Green from the ground up

The Olathe Health Pavilion is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified healthcare facility in this area. The building’s gold-level certification reflects its energy emphasis through building components. LEED certification is based on a number of green design and construction features that positively impact the project and the broader community.

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Olathe Health Pavilion Green Features

  • Native Plantings

    Water EfficiencyAll grasses, flowers and plantings around the building are either native or well adapted to this region. These hardy specimens withstand extreme weather conditions and aid in water conservation, requiring only minimal irrigation to thrive.
  • Water Efficiency

    Water EfficiencyXeriscape design conserves water through creative landscaping, evidenced by drought-tolerant plants in mulched beds, moisture-sensing irrigation and soil improvements. Inside, low-flow sinks and toilets also help reduce water usage.

  • Regional Materials

    Regional MaterialsMore than 20 percent of the materials used in the construction of The Pavilion were extracted, processed, manufactured and obtained locally. The fill dirt, asphalt, roofing materials, paint and stone are all products of Olathe companies.
  • Recycled Materials

    RecycledRepurposed pre-consumer and post-consumer materials were applied throughout in structural elements, such as metal studs, struts, lathe and joists, and in more visible components, such as wall plates, ceiling tiles, flooring and carpeting. Care was taken during construction to divert as much material from landfills as possible.
  • Low-Emitting Materials

    Low EmittingPaint, adhesives, sealants, coatings, carpeting and cleaning supplies chosen for construction and ongoing maintenance emit very low amounts of volatile organic compounds to create a friendly atmosphere for guests and for the environment.
  • Digital Images

    Digital ImagesAll images created in The Pavilion are digital for cutting-edge diagnostic clarity. The picture archiving computer system (PACS) is environmentally responsive, with no processing chemicals required and no need for extensive storage.