Miami County Medical Center Outpatient Specialists

2100 Baptiste Dr.
Paola, Kansas 66071


Hours of Operation

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About Location

As a full-service hospital, Miami County Medical Center (MCMC) offers a wide range of services. Physicians see patients at the MCMC Outpatient Specialists clinic for the following specialties: Podiatry, Pain Management, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Urology.

Physicians from the following clinics see patients at Miami County Medical Center:

  • Baseem Kayali, MD
    Physician sees patients at MCMC five days per week.

  • Sharper Visions, PA
    Dr. Aaron Florkowski sees patients at MCMC the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.
  • Pain Management
    Physicians see patients at MCMC every Wednesday. Please call 913-294-6615 for an appointment.
  • Urologic Surgery Associates
    Dr. Andrew Morris sees patients at MCMC the second and fourth Monday of each month.
  • Jayhawk Foot and Ankle Clinic
    Drs. Michael Johnson and Brooks Young see patients at MCMC. Dr. Johnson sees patients every Wednesday. Please call 913-294-6755 for an appointment.