Olathe Health Cancer Center

15123 S. OMC Pkwy.
Olathe, Kansas 66061


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday:
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

About Location

The Olathe Health Cancer Center is located off of 151st Street, between Olathe Medical Center and The Pavilion.View Videos of Oncology Services
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Our Cancer Care Services and Specialties

Every person’s journey with cancer is unique. Your cancer is not like anyone else’s, and your treatment shouldn’t be either. At Olathe Health, we are focused on you, and we have the most comprehensive treatments, cutting-edge technology, supportive services and resources available.

A few of our areas of expertise include breast cancer and reconstruction, colon cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer.

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Olathe Health Cancer Center

Our comprehensive, state-of-the-art Cancer Center integrates most outpatient cancer services into one location, enabling the many physicians and staff members who diagnose and treat cancer to collaborate as a team.

The Main Lobby

The lobby contains pieces from a local art consulting company who coordinated a curated collection using evidence-based design principles of art in healthcare. Beautiful, well-designed artwork can make all the difference in creating a lower stress environment and provide positive distraction for patients.

Conference Room

Our conference room has the latest in AV capabilities, including teleconferencing, and includes sound barriers to decrease the noise carried into the lobby. This dedicated space allows our team of cancer specialists to review each patient’s diagnosis and create a comprehensive treatment plan. It will also be used for support groups and other meetings.

Infusion Suite

The infusion suite includes 18 patient stations for the delivery of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, biotherapy or hormone therapy. The stations provide a comfortable environment for patients while receiving treatment with TVs, in-pillow speakers and complimentary drinks and snacks. There is also a community infusion station for patients who prefer socialization while receiving treatment.

Linear Accelerator

The linear accelerator is one of the most advanced radiation technologies available today. It delivers high-energy radiation beams with improved accuracy at faster rates to cancerous areas in the body, reducing the amount of time the patient spends receiving each treatment. In some cases, patients may receive fewer total treatment sessions then planned because of its advanced accuracy and speed.