Both during and after cancer treatment, issues connected to a person’s sexuality can cut more deeply than other psychological wounds, becoming a sort of “soul wound.” Please join us for a discussion with

Dr. Kimberly Wallace-Young, PhD and sex therapist, about achieving and maintaining positive sexual health and intimacy during and after cancer treatment.

Keynote Speaker:

Kimberly Wallace-Young, PhD and sex therapist For most of her career, Dr. Wallace-Young worked in an OB/GYN department, where she partnered with pelvic pain specialists, reproductive endocrinologists

and gender specialists. She continues to work with acupuncturists, pelvic floor physical therapists and trauma therapists to provide care that attends to the whole person. She has given local and national talks

on topics such as “Reclaiming Sexuality Following Cancer,” “Developing Sexual Self-Assertiveness” and more.



Olathe Health Cancer Center
15123 S. OMC Pkwy.
Olathe, KS USA


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