Emerson’s Birth Story

Emerson’s Birth Story

As The Birth Place celebrates its fifth anniversary, one special NICU graduate is ringing in her third birthday. Despite a two-day stay in the NICU, three-year-old Emerson has grown into a happy, healthy toddler.

“She is absolutely perfect,” mom Amanda, exclaimed. “We are forever grateful to the NICU nurses at The Birth Place.”

Before Emerson’s birth, Amanda worked as a float pool nurse at Olathe Medical Center. She was familiar with The Birth Place and its NICU, which is why she decided to deliver her first baby there. While Amanda never thought she would have a child in the NICU, firstborn Emerson had her own plans.

Arriving a few weeks early, Emerson needed some extra monitoring. Amanda still remembers how nervous she and husband, Chad, were at the time.

“The staff did such a good job of calming first-time-parent nerves,” Amanda recalled.

The support the nurses provided, in combination with the private rooms, gave Amanda and Chad the tools they needed to recover and prepare for Emerson’s journey home. On the morning of May 30, 2019, just two days after Emerson’s birth, the family of three left the hospital, and the rest is history!

Today, Emerson enjoys her baby brother, Disney movies and playing outside. Family describe her as smart and talkative. She looks forward to celebrating her third birthday by having a “Spirit Untamed” party with family and close friends.