Teacher and Student On Computer

ImPACT Concussion Testing:
A Real Game Changer

Olathe Medical Center partners with local high schools to implement a program called ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test) for student athletes. ImPACT evaluates student athletes who could possibly have a concussion based on an injury from their sport. It’s important to have a system in place to test for possible concussions because of the potential effects a concussion, or repeated concussions, can have on the lives of high school athletes.

How ImPACT Works

  • Before student athletes begin practicing their sport, they will take a 20-minute computerized ImPACT test at their school. It will be given by the Olathe Health Sports Medicine certified athletic trainers, who work in the local high schools. This test will serve as a baseline for each student athlete.
  • If an injury occurs that could possibly be a concussion, a post-injury ImPACT test is offered at the school by the athletic trainer.
  • The post-test is then reviewed and interpreted by a certified provider.

Partnering Schools

Olathe Medical Center has partnered with the following high schools to implement the ImPACT program:

  • Olathe North High School
  • Olathe East High School
  • Olathe South High School
  • Olathe Northwest High School