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  • Brain Tumor and Brain Cancer -- Child

    A brain tumor is the presence of cancerous cells in the brain. There are 2 types of brain tumors.

  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer

    Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is an aggressive form of breast cancer . It is different because it grows in more of a sheet-like shape and brings changes to the skin in response to inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the body is fighting infection, injury, or irritation. The changes in the skin appear similar to other conditions like mastitis . Early diagnosis and treatment are important with IBC. The sooner it is found, the more favorable the outcome. IBC is rare in women and extremely rare in men. Breast Changes Associated With IBCSkin changes that resemble the skin of an orange and/or inversion of the nipple may be signs of IBC.Copyright © Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.

  • Stomach Cancer

    Stomach cancer is a disease in which cancer cells grow in the stomach. There are 5 layers of tissue in the stomach. Types of cancer include: Stomach CancerCopyright © Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.

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