Topic: Childbirth and Parenting

Breastfeeding Basics & Breastfeeding: Beyond the Basics

In this two-session class, we will begin by discussing the basics of breastfeeding, including benefits to mom and baby, latch-on, the importance of skin-to-skin contact, frequency and length of feedings. We’ll also address common concerns, solutions and signs that your baby is getting enough to eat. The second session will be a more in-depth discussion of topics as your baby ages, including pumping, introducing the bottle while continuing successful breastfeeding, going to work, starting solids, weaning, and breastfeeding challenges any mom may encounter.

Session 1: July 22

Session 2: July 29

The Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center

Parent Education Classroom

20333 W. 151st St.
Olathe, Kansas 66061

Enter through The Birth Place. Classrooms are located on the 1st floor, behind the elevators.

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Learn signs to know that your baby is getting enough to eat.  Hear an overview of information on pumping, collecting & storage of breastmilk.

  • This class is recommended before baby's birth
  • Partners are highly encouraged to attend
  • You're always welcome to bring snacks/drinks
  • Due to distractions to others, we ask that you not bring children to class

In case of inclement weather, please call the hospital at 913-791-4200 to see if your class has been canceled.