Precepting is an elective, one-month learning experience designed to facilitate the growth and development of the residents' teaching skills with an emphasis on practice-based educational activities.

This elective learning experience could be used to help the resident achieve goals and objectives related to precepting (Goal 4.2) if further learning opportunity is needed. It may also be chosen by residents who have already achieved the objectives under Goal 4.2 and want to work on leadership and self-reflection to develop and improve their teaching skills. The learning experience is best suited for later in the residency year and the resident is required to have co-precepted at least two advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) students prior to this elective. The RPD, the APPE student preceptor(s) and the learning experience preceptor will determine which APPE students will be precepted by the resident.

The resident is responsible for actively contributing to the learning experiences of APPE students. In addition to orienting the APPE students, the resident serves as the primary preceptor for the APPE students and will coordinate their learning activities, assessment, feedback, and evaluation. Furthermore, the resident will ensure all projects and learning objectives are met as required by the schools of pharmacy. The resident is expected to spend one day a week with each APPE student on direct patient care activities and utilize a variety of instructional activities (e.g. patient case discussions, lectures, case presentations, rounds, and reading assignments) that stimulate additional learning and tailor to the interests of the APPE students.

Preceptor: Lynn Irvin, RPh, BCPS

Learning experience: PreceptingOffice Phone: (913) 791-3500 x4860

Ms. Irvin is a Critical Care Pharmacist at Olathe Medical Center. She earned her BS in Pharmacy degree from the University of Kansas. She is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and has certifications in BLS, ACLS and ASPEN Parenteral Nutrition Safety. She serves as a preceptor to pharmacy students in critical care. She also serves as a residency preceptor for the precepting learning experience.

Ms. Irvin is a member of the Medical Administrative Committee and Alaris Pump Safety Committee. She frequently provides educational programs for nurses and pharmacists. She is a preceptor and adjunct assistant clinical professor for the University of Kansas, Department of Pharmacy Practice and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Division of Pharmacy Practice.

Ms. Irvin maintains active membership in ASHP, KCHP, ACCP and SCCM. She is currently a member of the KCHP Membership Committee. Her interests include nutrition and medication safety. Ms. Irvin was awarded the Outstanding Employee for Olathe Medical Center for July/August 2010.