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Kansas City Bone and Joint Clinic Opens Practice at Olathe Medical Center

Physicians and staff from Kansas City Bone & Joint Clinic Division of Signature Medical Group of KC, PA (KCBJ) recently opened their Olathe practice on the campus of Olathe Medical Center. This addition to the nationally recognized orthopedic program at Olathe Medical Center provides a new working relationship between two of the largest and most experienced orthopedic groups in the greater Kansas City area.

Olathe Health’s Johnson County Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (JCOSM), founded by Dr. Keith Sheffer in 1975, and KCBJ, which was founded in 1940, provide comprehensive orthopedic services for all ages. The practices are providing care in adjacent offices at the JCOSM building on the campus of Olathe Medical Center near I-35 and 151st Street in Olathe.

“Having these two local, top-quality practices with excellent physicians on our campus allows us to expand on the longstanding, nationally-recognized orthopedic program our physicians built here at Olathe Medical Center," Frank H. Devocelle, President/CEO of Olathe Health, said. “The two groups are likeminded and have a great deal of respect for each other. We are very excited about this development, the expansion of orthopedic services, and the superb quality brought by Kansas City Bone and Joint Clinic.”

“Our philosophy of providing top-quality orthopedic care is in alignment with the values of Johnson County Orthopedics and Olathe Medical Center, as validated by their long-standing positive reputations,” Thomas S. Samuelson, MD, President of KCBJ, said. “We see this as an opportunity to grow our practice and be part of an advancing, nationally-recognized orthopedic program in Olathe and the surrounding communities. We intend to deliver on our commitment.”

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