Soccer Player

Back in the Game

(Pictured) Olathe Health Rehabilitation Service's Sports Therapy Specialists helped Harry get back in the game.

When Harry Travis received the diagnosis of a torn ACL, he knew one thing. He would do whatever it took to get back to doing what he loved: playing competitive soccer.

For Harry, this meant a surgery to repair the ACL and several months of rehabilitation.

"My only goal was to be 100 percent after the surgery," Harry said. "I wanted it to be like it hadn't been hurt before."

The road to recovery, however, was going to take some time. After a successful surgery at Olathe Medical Center, Harry remembers having to temper his strong desire to get back to playing soccer with the reality that the body needed time to heal.

Luckily for Harry, he had a team of Sports Therapy Rehab Specialists who were just as determined to get him back in the game as he was. Brian Adams, PT, DPT, SCS, and Jamie Konrade, PT, SCS, are two of the Sports Clinical Specialists with Olathe Health's Rehabilitation Services department who help patients like Harry recover from sports injuries.

For Brian and Jamie, it is working one-on-one with patients at each step along the way that leads to the best results. "In the first session and throughout their care, we reassess where patients feel they are and where they are trying to get, and set up plans of care to allow them to achieve those goals," Jamie said.

According to Adams, what sets the Olathe Health's Rehabilitation program apart from others is the depth of knowledge and experience it can offer patients. Staff members include former professional athletes, athletic trainers and three sports clinical therapists, the most of any healthcare organization in the metro.

"We get a wide array of patients," Jamie said. "From young, recreational athletes just starting out, to high school, amateur and even professional athletes looking to return to their prior level of sports activity."

For Harry, his determination and the guidance and expertise of his physical therapists got him back to doing what he is passionate about.

"I'm 100 percent back," Harry said. "Without physical therapy, I definitely would not be where I am today. It got me where I needed to be."
Harry said that he was grateful for the support he received from his physical therapists at Olathe Health.

"I really got to know a lot of them, and they got to know me," he said. "We actually had a guy on our soccer team tear his ACL before me. He went through (rehabilitation) somewhere else and didn't enjoy it as much. I felt very fortunate and lucky to have gone to Olathe."


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