Volunteer Information


Hospital Volunteer Program

Helping a patient get settled in. Guiding a visitor to the right room. Quietly reassuring family members waiting for a report from surgery. Volunteers are a vital thread in the fabric of a successful and caring hospital.

Whether working in clinical departments, delivering mail and books to patients, or providing support to families and visitors, volunteers are essential members of the care team.

As a volunteer, you'll gain personal satisfaction and lasting friendships, and you'll receive recognition for your service, access to special educational programs, and free lunch when you work a shift of four hours or more. Discount tickets and reserved parking are also available.

There are many opportunities for volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, experiences and interests. To learn more about volunteering at Olathe Medical Center, call or email Abby Hardwick at 913-791-4380. For Miami County Medical Center opportunities, call or email Juanita Sprinkle at 913-294-6640.

Student Ambassadors

During the summer, Student Ambassadors are an important addition to Olathe Medical Center. Our Student Ambassadors range in age from 14 to 18 years, and they have the opportunity to work in the same areas as adult volunteers. Students interested in the summer program should contact the Volunteer Services Office in January and February to be considered for the upcoming summer.

To learn more about Student Ambassador opportunities, please call or email Abby Hardwick at 913-791-4380

Hospice Volunteer Program

Hospice volunteers provide services to patients with life-limiting illness, enabling them to spend quality time in their end-of-life. Here are just a few of the volunteer positions available:

  • Direct Patient Care (either in the patient's residence or at the Hospice House): At a patient's residence - Provide caregiver relief, conversation, read aloud, hold their hand. At the Hospice House - Provide caregiver relief, room companionship, assistance to nurses. Miami County volunteer (in the home of a Miami county resident): Provide caregiver relief, conversation, read aloud, hold their hand.
  • Family Snack Provider (monthly or quarterly -- great for volunteer groups): Prepare or purchase a snack(s) off-site and deliver to the Hospice House. Guidelines are provided.
  • House Assistant (at the Hospice House): greet visitors, answer phones, tidy up, set up a donated meal, give tours to families and make snacks. Day, evening, and weekend positions are available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Deliveries: Drive items from various nearby locations to the Hospice House
  • Office Assistant: mailing, sorting, copying, basic computer work
  • Spiritual Care (for chaplains and those with a formal religious background): pray with patient, discuss spirituality, discuss death and dying, coordinate other religious services
  • Music (at the Hospice House): Play a soothing instrument in the halls and/or common rooms
  • Pet Therapy (at the Hospice House): Provide pet interaction for patients, families (must be registered with Pet Partners. Please visit www.mo-kanpetpartners.org for more information)
  • One-Time Events: Assist at open houses, special events -- greet visitors, give tours or stock refreshments, direct traffic

For more information or to get involved, please contact Amy Potts, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, at 913-324-8515, extension 8317, or email Amy at amy.potts@olathehealth.org.  You can also download the Hospice Volunteer Application. Please contact Amy with any questions you may have.