Services and Specialties of Olathe Health System

Olathe Health System is the umbrella corporation for the integrated heatlhcare delivery system that includes Olathe Medical Center, Miami County Medical Center, Olathe Medical Services and more than 350 physicians.  The System has grown to support an ever-increasing service area in Eastern Kansas, including Johnson, Miami, Franklin, and Linn counties.  Compassionate, professional staff and superb facilities bring the best in healthcare to the communities we serve. 

The non-profit health system offers a wide range of services and specialties for individuals of all ages.  The System is known for several centers of excellence, including Olathe Medical Center's Accredited Chest Pain Center, The Kansas Cardiovascular Center, The Birth Place and The Kansas Joint Specialty Center.  Olathe Health System also specializes in areas such as primary care, oncology, surgery, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, home health and hospice care.