Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women’s healthcare needs are complex and ever changing. Olathe Medical Center has dedicated its Women’s Health Center and The Birth Place to provide the unique, compassionate and comforting care that women need through each stage of their lives, from adolescence through the senior years.

Olathe Health offers a full range of care for women, including OB/GYN surgical care, reproductive medicine and childbirth, breast surgery and cancer treatment. Since they’re designed and staffed specifically to care for women, the Women’s Health Center and The Birth Place at Olathe Medical Center provide advanced care with a special emphasis on compassion, understanding and warmth.


The Women’s Health Center

The Women’s Center at Olathe Medical Center is connected to a system of care specifically geared towards women, including specialized inpatient and surgical care, advanced digital mammography services, family-focused care and support, women’s health physical therapy, and a full staff of board-certified physicians focused on providing advanced care for women. Education, support groups and outpatient treatment help continue the healing process after a woman leaves the hospital.


Women’s Health Rehabilitation Program

From the onset of menstruation through menopause, women endure many physical, emotional and sexual changes. Some of the physical changes that women experience can result in pain, stress and even embarrassment. Olathe Medical Center has a unique women’s health physical therapy program that’s staffed with female therapists who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of common physical impairments experienced by women. Doctor’s orders for physical therapy are required for treatment. Call 913-324-8638 for more information or to schedule an evaluation.


The Birth Place

What a wonderful place to have your baby. At Olathe Medical Center, you’ll find a lot of little touches that make the childbirth experience at The Birth Place quite literally the experience of a lifetime. Learn more by visiting The Birth Place page.


3D Mammography

Olathe Medical Center is now offering 3D mammography (also called breast tomosynthesis), the most exciting advancement in breast cancer screening in 30 years. It enables doctors to look at breast tissue in dozens of 1 mm layers. This allows for more precise imaging to reduce unnecessary, and sometimes worrisome, callbacks. 3D mammography is especially effective for invasive and hard-to-find cancers, and for women who are high risk or who have dense breast tissue.

To schedule a mammogram, please call The Women's Imaging Suite at the Olathe Medical Pavilion at 913-791-4395, or Miami County Medical Center at 913-294-6611.