Is Joint Pain Setting the Pace for Your Life?

Wouldn't you love to wake each morning free from joint pain? Our orthopedic physicians can provide a full range of orthopedic care and surgery, including state-of-the-art knee and hip replacements, joint and ligament reconstruction and rotator cuff repairs.

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Get Your Super Back

The orthopedic specialists at Olathe Health System came to the rescue when Kendrea, Tom and Gerard had to give up their activities because of pain. Our patients got their super back. You can too.

Able to Cover 3 Miles in a Single Lunch Hour

Kendrea Shingleton is an active duty member of the National Guard, based in Olathe. While she does not consider herself to be a runner - walking being her activity of choice - Kendrea has to complete a timed training run twice a year to keep her active duty status.

During a 10K run, she tore her meniscus while running up a hill. That put her ability to be active, and do her job, in jeopardy.

"Running is an important part of our training, and there was no way I could do that with the tear," Kendrea said.

She went to see Gregory P. Lynch, MD, at Johnson County Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (JCO), who performed a meniscus repair on her knee in September 2010.

After the surgery, Dr. Lynch worked with Kendrea to create a treatment plan that would keep her physically fit and active to meet the requirements of her job. Kendrea walks three - four times a week, and then she works some runs into her routine as training prior to her timed runs.

"I am so thankful to Dr. Lynch and the entire team at Johnson County Orthopedics," Kendrea said. "Everyone is friendly, and they explain things in a way that is easy to understand. That is very important to me."

Kendrea previously had wrist surgery with Lanny W. Harris, MD, at JCO, following a car accident, and her experience then was just as positive.

"The doctors and staff there work for me," she said. "I appreciate the way they take care of me as a person. I'm not just a number."

Kendrea says she and her co-workers refer their staff to JCO for orthopedic care. In addition to skilled medical care, she says the physicians also give great advice.

"You have to want to get better and find ways to stay active," she said. "Dr. Lynch taught me that you have to do what is right for you to stay active."


Able to Stack 200 Bales in a Single Afternoon

If you ask Gerard Weber about his life's passion, you get a pretty simple answer: farming.

"Farming is everything in my life," he said. "Beef cows, soy beans, corn, wheat, prairie hay - that's what it's all about for me."

However, a few years ago, Gerard was thinking he was going to have to sell the farm, because a lifetime of shoulder pain had finally reached the point where he couldn't use his arm anymore. He had a 90 percent rotator cuff tear and many sleepless nights worrying about who would run the farm if he was gone having surgery. So, he finished the harvest first and then saw Brian C. Kindred, MD, at Johnson County Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (JCO), for shoulder surgery a few months later.

He worked through three months of therapy and recovered quickly. "I couldn't get over not being in pain. I had shoulder pain my whole life, probably injured it in my younger years on the farm. But I had total use of my shoulder again," Gerard said.

Two years after the shoulder surgery, Gerard lost most of the mobilization in his right wrist because of arthritis.

"You don't realize all the things you do every day that you take for granted, like swiping a credit card or starting the car," Gerard said.

He went back to JCO where he met Lanny W. Harris, MD. Now, eight months since having wrist surgery, Gerard is pain-free and still marvels at the difference in his wrist before the surgery and after.

"The doctors change lives - they changed my life," Gerard said. "I'm just thrilled. Now nothing holds me back."


Able to Finish a Restoration Project in a Single Weekend

Tom Sherard was exercising during cardiac rehabilitation from open heart surgery, when he says he "popped" something in his left shoulder.

"The pain got worse," he said. "I had cortisone shots, but the pain was intolerable. I mean, it hurt."

Tom couldn't do everyday tasks that we all take for granted, like getting dressed or driving. He also couldn't enjoy his retirement hobbies of restoring furniture, working his 115-acre farm or hunting with his son and grandson.

That's when he went to see Christopher C. Eckland, DO, orthopedic specialist at Miami County Medical Center. Dr. Eckland recommended total shoulder replacement surgery. The surgery was followed by rehab work with Christine Davis, a physical therapist at Louisburg Rehabilitation.

"Having the total shoulder procedure made all the difference in the world for me," Tom said. "I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to enjoy my hobbies without shoulder pain. But now, I'm back in the field and back in my workshop doing what I love."