Choosing a Primary Care Provider

It is important to choose a primary care provider (PCP) who you can rely on and trust for your healthcare needs, since he or she is often involved in your care for a long time. The PCP is your primary partner for determining which specialists need to be consulted, and the care team at your Medical Home clinic assists in coordinating care on your behalf while looking at the bigger picture of your overall health.


Patient-Centered Medical Home

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Awarded Top Recognition from NCQA as Patient-Centered Medical Home

All Olathe Medical Services, Inc. (OMSI) primary care clinics have received the National Committee for Quality Assurance's (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical HomeTM (PCMH) Level 3 Recognition. This is the highest level of recognition awarded by NCQA, the organization that evaluates providers and clinics based on the quality of care given to patients under the Medical Home model. View our list of clinics recognized as PCMH.

Your Patient-Centered Medical Home


Olathe Medical Services is taking a new approach to patient care. We are a patient-centered medical home provider to serve as your consistent, reliable source for routine and preventative care, as well as for treatment of illness and chronic medical conditions. The focus of our medical home clinics is to provide a team of healthcare professionals working together to provide a new expanded type of care using modern technology to your advantage. Your doctors, nurses and healthcare educators work together to personalize and coordinate appropriate care, based on your needs. We want to be the first place you think of for healthcare.

Partners in Care

Your medical home is a place you feel comfortable and confident - both in the relationship with your doctor and the quality of care you receive. You and your doctor together will focus on your specific healthcare needs and ongoing wellness.

Our commitment

We promise to deliver personalized care and:

  • Provide the best treatment and advice based on current medical evidence
  • Manage acute illness and chronic disease to help you stay healthy
  • Provide timely access to care
  • Offer electronic communication and medical record access through IQHealth
  • Use computers and other technology to improve your care
  • Support you in your healthcare goals and needs
  • Arrange your health care with other qualified specialists, as needed
  • Explain diseases, treatments, medications and results in a way that is easy to understand
  • Respect your privacy by keeping medical information and records private in compliance with state and federal law
  • Make you feel comfortable and welcome

Your role

As an active partner in your care, we ask you to:

  • Provide all information about your health, medications and illnesses
  • Tell us about services you receive elsewhere, such as flu vaccines and treatments by other providers
  • Follow your treatment plan; if you are unable to, we can suggest other options
  • Work with us to make decisions and manage your health
  • Describe your needs and concerns
  • Learn about wellness and preventing disease
  • Make healthy decisions about your daily habits and lifestyles
  • Call us first with all medical problems, unless it is an emergency
  • Keep your scheduled appointments or call in advance if you need to reschedule
  • Give us feedback so we can improve service


Olathe Medical Services Primary Care Locations Recognized as Level 3 PCMH

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Arbor Creek Family Care

Associates in Family Care of Olathe

Associates in Family Care - Osawatomie

Associates in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

College Point Family Medicine

Gardner Family Care

Internal Medicine Associates of Olathe

LaCygne Family Care

Louisburg Family Care

Midwest Family Care

Mound City Family Care

Olathe Family Physicians

Olathe Family Practice

Pediatric Associates of Olathe