One number can make a big difference to your heart’s health.

It’s called your calcium score and it’s a measure of the calcium buildup in your heart, as well as your risk of heart disease. The lower your score, the lower your risk. It’s that simple.

How can you find out your calcium score?

That part is simple, too. HeartScore64™ diagnostic imaging is available through the Kansas Cardiovascular Center at Olathe Medical Center. It’s painless, non-invasive and it determines your score within minutes of your examination. This number helps you and your doctor make smart decisions on any treatments or measures to take to make your heart—and your life—the healthiest possible. 

Is HeartScore64 right for you?

HeartScore64 imaging can be a reassuring step for anyone with risk factors for cardiac disease, such as a family history of early onset heart disease, high cholesterol, personal smoking history, excess weight, or existing conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.

How healthy is your heart? Let’s take a look.

A physician's order is required for HeartScore64. Contact 913-791-4395 to schedule your screening. HeartScore64 is not recommended for anyone who has had a heart attack, bypass surgery, coronary stents or angioplasty.